Is a Star Trek-Style Tricorder Here?
A Kitchener-based startup has created the first wireless, portable medical diagnostic device along the lines of Star Trek technology.

When Dr. Sonny Kohli was volunteering in Haiti in 2010 he found himself in a hospital that lacked basic diagnostic equipment.

As he worked to fix a broken EKG unit with duct tape and wires, he asked a simple question: Why don’t I have a smartphone-connected EKG?

Tricorders, used in the Star Trek universe, refer to the device’s three primary functions: sensing, computing and recording. To get one with light and sound effects, (but without anything in the way of a useful function), one only needs to order online.

However, real life is now catching up to the future as depicted in the 1960s. Dr. Kohli is turning science fiction into reality as the chief medical officer of Cloud DX Inc., a Kitchener, Ontario-based startup with the world’s first working tricorder-like health device.

With such promising technology, it’s no surprise Cloud DX has been chosen as one of 17 Canadian companies taking part in the C100’s upcoming 48hrs in the Valley program.

So what’s being said in social media about Cloud DX?

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Terms like “Star Trek” and “tricorder” appear thanks to this article by Communitech, which was shared by an influential account, Invest Ontario.  

The terms “Qualcomm” and “Xprize” appear in the discussion because the device, called Vitaliti, is one of seven finalists in Qualcomm’s $10 million Tricorder Xprize.

One of many Xprize competitions, the tricorder prize challenges entrepreneurs to create a portable, wireless device that can diagnose 13 conditions and real-time monitor 5 health vital signs without intervention from a doctor.

Watch Dr. Kohli talk about the competition and why devices like Vitaliti are so important: