Project Intu Adds Cognitive Capabilities to Any Device
IBM boosts its cognitive computing offering with the launch of a system-agnostic platform designed to bring machine learning to the IoT.

Five years after winning Jeopardy! on American televisions, IBM Watson can now become part of the television itself, thanks to the new experimental platform Project Intu.

Project Intu, which is not yet in beta, can embed Watson’s cognitive capabilities into nearly any device. Developers can now incorporate Watson APIs, such as emotional analysis and image recognition, into avatars, robots, drones, and IoT devices.

The platform was announced by Elliot Turner, Director of Alchemy & Discovery at IBM Watson, at the Watson Developer Conference.

“IBM is taking cognitive technology beyond a physical technology interface like a smartphone or a robot toward an even more natural form of human and machine interaction,” said Rob High, IBM Fellow, Vice President and CTO of IBM Watson.

According to research firm IDC, the demand for cognitive-enabled applications is accelerating rapidly. In a recent report, it predicted that 75 percent of developer teams would be including cognitive functionality in one or more applications by 2018.

Intu is system-agnostic and can be built on a wide variety of OSs, as well as the Raspberry Pi. The platform is ready for experimentation at the Watson Developer Cloud and on GitHub.