IBM Facilitates Serverless Computing With OpenWhisk
Bluemix-Based OpenWhisk Sees Greater Adoption From Both Companies and Communities

“Going serverless” is rapidly becoming the deployment option of choice for developers looking for maximum flexibility.

It just makes sense: Why take on the additional responsibility, complexity, and cost of provisioning and configuring servers, when your code can simply be ready when you are—called on an event basis and billed according to resources consumed, not server time.

IBM has made significant investments in OpenWhisk, an open-source, event-driven FaaS platform. OpenWhisk is now generally available via Bluemix, IBM’s cloud platform.

Recently accepted into the open community of Apache developers, OpenWhisk now includes new services such as:

  • Instant debugging for Node.js, Python and Swift actions
  • Integration with Message Hub, a Bluemix-hosted Apache Kafka service for real-time build outs of data pipelines and streaming apps
  • Support for new runtimes such as Java, Node v6, Python and Swift v3
  • An extension for Visual Studio Code
  • A new and improved user interface to simplify browser-based development and testing

Santander Group, one of the world’s top banks by market capitalization, is adopting OpenWhisk to speed time-to-market for its digital banking services.

“OpenWhisk provides the instant infrastructure we need for intense tasks and unexpected peaks in workload,” said Luis Enriquez, head of platform engineering and architecture at Santander Group, “and is a key building block as we move to a real-time and event-driven architecture.”

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