Coworking in the Cloud
Sharing space on the cloud might offer significant savings for startups. Learn more about the options.

Coworking shouldn’t be limited to former factories with exposed brick and chunky wooden beams. Shared resources should also be leveraged in the cloud, particularly for early-stage startups with limited access to funds.

Sometimes referred to as multi-tenancy, sharing space in the cloud can give startups more development flexibility, but users need to manage expectations around security, reliability, scalability and serviceability.

“Networks underpinning a cloud deployment need a higher degree of automation, programmability and multi-tenancy versus traditional non-cloud buildouts,” Andrew Lerner, Research Vice President at Gartner, said in a blog post last year. “Further, there are multiple paths to achieving automation, programmability and multi-tenancy … it’s not SDN or bust.”

As regulations around data security evolve in an age of near-daily headlines about hacking, developers, founders, CTOs and CIOs need to know what the cloud coworking options are.

For more on this, learn about the four key design considerations for a multi-tenant cloud.

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