‘Workday’ Migrates to the Cloud
Human resources and finance software company signs multi-year contract with IBM Cloud to manage global growth.

How quickly can an online enterprise go global? Just ask Pokémon Go developer Niantic.

While such immediate virality is rare, predicting user uptake is always a guessing game. Surprises on the upside can trigger an avalanche of negative reviews if the back-end infrastructure doesn’t support viral popularity in multiple markets.

Human resources and finance software company Workday recently cited global expansion as a reason for its decision to sign a seven-year contract with IBM to use the IBM Cloud platform for developing and testing new products.

Workday CEO Aneel Bhusri said IBM Cloud will enable his company to scale development and testing faster, and that they may use further services in the future. “Workday will use IBM Cloud to continue accelerating Workday’s internal development and testing efforts to support our ongoing global expansion,” Bhusri said.

IBM’s global cloud data infrastructure includes nearly 50 scalable and security-rich IBM Cloud data centers in 17 countries on six continents, according to a statement by Workday.

Fast Company notes, “The last thing you want is to start losing customers because your site crashes or some other part of your infrastructure isn’t up to the task.”

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