IBM’s Ginni Rometty Calls for Transparency and Ethics in AI
CEO Says AI Can’t Replace Humans

Artificial intelligence has entered the mainstream. With the powerful technology beginning to show up in everything from toasters to cars, people and organizations alike are growing concerned that there may not be enough oversight to prevent AI from becoming a threat to jobs and privacy.

IBM’s CEO, Ginni Rometty, is well-aware of these concerns. At a talk reported on by ZDNet, Rometty noted that, “Cognitive systems will not realistically attain consciousness or independent agency.”

Still, IBM has created three core principles it will adhere to when it comes to AI, including:

  • Purpose: IBM’s development of AI is focused on “augmented human intelligence,” not artificial intelligence
  • Transparency: The company plans to publicize its AI work and the data it uses
  • Skills: IBM acknowledges that AI will create change and that deployments of the technology must consider the new skills that people will need

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