H&R Block and IBM Watson Team Up to Take On Tax Season
The Tax Service Provider Will Use Cognitive Technology to Develop a New Tax Prep Experience

From healthcare to education, IBM Watson is helping to shape the future of many data-rich industries.

Now, in partnership with H&R Block, the cloud-based cognitive computing system will bring its capabilities to a process that affects almost everyone—the tax preparation process.

With over 74,000 pages and thousands of yearly changes, the tax code contains a massive amount of data.

In the first phase of collaboration, IBM experts worked with H&R Block tax preparers to teach Watson the language of the tax code, and will use AI technology to draw connections between this data and the client’s statements, helping to deliver the best outcome for each individual return.

“By combining the human expertise, knowledge and judgment of our tax professionals with the cutting-edge cognitive computing power of Watson, we are creating a future where our clients will benefit from an enhanced experience and our tax pros will have the latest technology to help them ensure every deduction and credit is found,” said Bill Cobb, H&R Block’s president and chief executive officer.

H&R Block’s new proprietary client experience with Watson will be available at H&R Block retail locations beginning February 5.

Watch this video for visual insights into this exciting collaboration: