Slack Enterprise Grid Gears Up to Compete With Trello
Atlassian's $425 Million Acquisition of Trello a Collaboration Boost

Smooth collaboration and project management are crucial to success across startup and corporate ecosystems. As TechCrunch reports, Slack recently introduced its Enterprise Grid to target larger companies. The web-based Trello application has a head start in this space: the company has already proven its value to over seven million users, as Frederic Lardinois writes.

The dollar figure of that value? Software titan Atlassian set it at $425 million in cash, shares, and options for Trello in its largest acquisition yet. The mobile-friendly tool’s ease of use and versatility, lauded by Lifehacker, and its huge user base, match up with Atlassian’s ambitions.

“We’re super excited,” Atlassian president Jay Simons told TechCrunch. “They are a breakout product and have achieved incredible momentum.”

Fifty percent of Trello users work in non-technical functions, and Atlassian wants to expand beyond its traditional developer-facing user base. Part of that aim involves pulling in Trello users across business teams in finance, HR, legal, marketing and sales.

Atlassian hopes to leverage Trello’s versatility beyond office walls with personal as well as professional projects, and Simons is aiming for an “audacious” goal of 100 million monthly active users.

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