Ecosystem Spinoffs: New Tech Hubs Form Outside the City Limits
These Up-and-Coming Communities Are the Future of Work-Life Balance

Urban tech hubs have followed the trend of San Francisco: As success skyrockets, so too does the cost of living. In British Columbia, New York, California, and beyond, startups are taking advantage of the connected digital age by finding new places to set up HQ.

Offering physical proximity to major tech centers like Vancouver and Silicon Valley, along with a great quality of life, these three up-and-coming startup ecosystems are attracting talent and investment from around the globe.

Okanagan Valley – B.C.

With tech incubators like Accelerate Okanagan helping to attract and develop talent and a new innovation center in the works, the Kelowna/Okanagan Valley area in B.C. is poised to become the next go-to destination for tech companies. The area has already seen tremendous growth, thanks to an attractive lifestyle, a temperate climate, and an affordable cost of living.

Albany/Tech Valley – New York

Encompassing over 250 miles from just north of uber-expensive tech hub New York City, Tech Valley has become the epicenter of the Northeastern U.S. for tech companies with a focus on biotech, nanotechnology, and life sciences, thanks to its concentration of world-class educational facilities. Median incomes in the area have steadily risen since tech investment began to take off.

Silicon Beach – California

As the cost of living and working in Silicon Valley rises, more and more tech startups are heading to the beach—specifically Silicon Beach, an area on the west side of Los Angeles from Santa Monica south to Venice and Playa del Rey.

While these areas once faced significant challenges attracting top talent away from major tech hubs, the narrative is starting to shift. With a continued focus on quality of life and investment in the tech sector, these smaller ecosystems prove that startups can thrive in new environments.