SV Entrepreneurs Flock to Smaller, More Affordable Markets
Sexism Has Tarnished The Valley’s Once Shining Reputation

Silicon Valley’s reputation as the hub for the world’s most progressive innovators is slipping.

Accusations of sexism, sexual misconduct and the marginalization of women have tarnished the Valley’s shiny reputation, says Silicon Valley consultant Angela Ruth in Entrepreneur.

On top of that, Silicon Valley’s success has lead to exorbitant real estate prices which is, in turn, driving away talent.

The good news is that a lot of smaller markets have the talent and investment potential to someday challenge for the tech throne.

Tech talent is flocking to these seven smaller — and more affordable — U.S. markets, according to Entrepreneur:

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Startup ecosystem worth $12B
  • Ranked No. 1 in innovation and entrepreneurship by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Tampa, Florida

  • Bill Gates’ Cascade Investment is pumping $2B into the city to prepare it for growth

Huntsville, Alabama

  • 309 percent growth in tech jobs over the past year
  • Nearly 17 percent of the workforce is employed in a science, tech, engineering or math-related job

St. Louis, Missouri

  • Home of the Ameren Accelerator, which aims to help drive innovation in the energy industry

Seattle, Washington

  • Seeing big growth in space startups

Phoenix, Arizona

  • 188 percent growth in tech jobs in the last year

Albany, New York

  • 161 percent growth in tech jobs over the past year
  • Universities supply a well educated talent pool