Wimbledon and Data Analytics a Perfect Match
Real-time, shot-by-shot data helps Wimbledon win the battle for hearts and minds

The 2015 Wimbledon Championships were a battle for hearts and minds. While players were on the courts, the team behind one of world’s highest-profile sporting events fought to “host the best tennis championships in the world – in every way, and by every metric.”

To provide players, journalists and spectators with the best experience possible, Wimbledon partnered with IBM Bluemix to turn insights into powerful narratives.

During the two week period, 48 courtside experts captured approximately 3.4 million real-time data-points on every move and outcome. When Sam Groth hit the second-fastest serve in Wimbledon history, the information was shared with a digital audience instantly. IBM’s Sam Seddon told the BBC that “during last year’s final we were analyzing about 400 tweets a second.”

The data-driven approach served up big results: the partnership achieved 71 million visits and 542 million page views from 21.1 million unique devices.

As the 2016 Championships get underway, Wimbledon and IBM will aim to up their game and deliver an even better experience.

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