How The Dev World Will Change In 2017: Top 5 Predictions
From Native App Decline to New DevOps Challenges, This Will Be a Busy Year for Developers

It’s hard to think of an industry that changes faster than IT, and it looks like 2017 will be no exception to this rule. Developers will be asked to wrap their heads around new technologies, new platforms, and new methodologies. Here are the five forces experts think will shape the dev landscape in the coming year.

Move Over Native Apps

If you’ve never considered web apps, now’s the time. Gartner says that mobile apps aren’t delivering the ROI that brands had hoped for, with many of them struggling just to acquire downloads. “By 2019, 20% of brands will abandon their mobile apps,” the firm says.

Goodbye Bimodal

“In early 2016, many CIOs fell for the false promise of a bimodal strategy,” says Forrester Research, and it expects this will reverse itself in 2017. The idea that IT could be split in half and run at two different speeds, with two fundamentally different approaches, has proven unmanageable for most organizations.

Older Skills Remain Crucial

Despite the massive trends of IoT, AI, VR, and cloud, Robert Half Technology says that the skills most likely to earn devs a boost in salary are the ones that have been in demand for years. Specifically: ASP, C#, Java, and .NET, which could deliver a seven percent salary increase this year.

Can’t Stop The Blockchain

The buzz around blockchain, the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, started to grow in 2016 and will become louder still in 2017. With applications in the financial sector being the obvious starting point, the technology will also find a home in the IoT as it provides a secure and trusted way to share transactional data between devices and companies. “By 2022 a blockchain based business will exist with a value of $10 billion,” according to Gartner.

The Future Is Open

Open source’s allure will strengthen this year, thanks to OpenStack. With its open tools, technologies and broad, vibrant developer communities, Forrester predicts that “In 2017, we will see the vast majority of development organizations embrace open source/OpenStack.”