New Bluemix Hub Supercharges Toolchain Functionality
Hub Brings Efficiency to Cloud-Based Development Projects

In the DevOps world, consistency and automation are wonderful things. Both help reduce errors, speeding the delivery of bug-free, production-ready code.

To create a really powerful DevOps environment, developers need flexibility to use the right tools for the right function, without being locked in. That’s why toolchains have become so popular, and why IBM continues to support and expand the use of them throughout its Bluemix cloud development platform.

To help with the sometimes tough task of managing toolchains, IBM is releasing the IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery service with GitHub and Slack integration. It acts as a central hub for quickly creating, managing and scaling toolchains.

Continuous Delivery templates the toolchain function, giving users the ability to clone and modify existing templates that help build microservices, containers or cloud-native applications.

With the advent of Continuous Delivery, IBM has also added integrations with popular solutions such as GitHub, Slack, PagerDuty and SauceLabs: services that developers already rely on for both their personal and professional projects.