This 3D Mirror Sees And Scans Faces
Accurate Mapping Makes Eyewear Selection Easy

The retail sphere continues to be one of the most agile adopters of technology: a recent partnership between a 3D-scanning company and eyewear tech developer Sfered is the latest example.

In 0.1 seconds, the smart mirror designed by Fuel3D can capture all the data it needs to create an accurate 3D model of your face. This technology is about to make shopping for glasses easier, and widen consumer options exponentially.

As Luke Dormehl writes in Digital Trends, customers who walk into an optical store featuring Fuel3D’s mirror won’t be limited to choosing from the glasses on the shelves. The latest eyewear catalogs will be constantly uploaded into the smart mirror, allowing shoppers to find the perfect fit.

“We [chose to incorporate] the design into a mirror because when people look into a mirror, they focus much more naturally than if they are looking into a camera,” says Phil Newman, Fuel 3D’s CMO.  

It’s becoming increasingly common for end users to first encounter the latest technology while they’re shopping for something completely different. In the near future, you can look forward to seeing and being seen by smart mirrors at optical stores, and beyond.