IBM’s Innovators Broke the U.S. Patent Record in 2016
Inventive Output Focused on Cognitive Computing For Enterprise

Across agriculture, automotive, healthcare, and beyond, IBM’s inventors filed a record 8,088 patents in the U.S. in 2016, cementing the company’s top spot on the patent charts for the 24th year in a row.

For the record, that amounts to 22 patents granted each day.

More than 2,700 of these patents are related to cognitive computing, machine learning and the cloud – critical areas for the company behind Watson.

Of the over 8,000 patents, here are a few examples of what the IBM team came up with in ’16:

US Patent #9,447,448: A system to use drone vehicles to survey, analyze and measure microbial contaminations in farms and hospitals.

US Patent #9,384,661: A method of trip planning that accounts for your cognitive state. If you’re sleep-deprived or just stressed, it suggests a less road-rage inducing route.

US Patent #9,374,649: A smart hearing aid that adjusts to the user’s specific needs. For instance, it could be trained to amplify specific voices or crucial sounds, like a smoke alarm.

This push to innovation is only the beginning of what these new technologies will be doing in the enterprise space: watching makers use these patented technologies in exciting new ways is in the very near future.