Massive Global Market Leads to High Valuation for Stripe
Latest Funding Round in SF-Based Fintech Company Pushes Value North of $9 Billion

Much has been said recently about the pitfalls of globalization, especially in the manufacturing industry, but when it comes to software and fintech, international expansion represents incredible opportunity.

For a prime example, look no further than digital payments company Stripe, which just closed a new round of financing from Alphabet Inc. and General Catalyst Partners, pushing its total valuation to $9 billion.

Why the enthusiasm for a company that is challenging payment giant PayPal? “The company’s valuation is a reflection of its size, scale, potential profitability and an unbounded market size,” General Catalyst managing director Hemant Taneja says.

Stripe knows that international expansion is the key to growth. The company is already in 25 countries, but has users in 110 countries; it plans to use the new investment dollars to push its boundaries further and faster. Analysts are convinced Stripe is also on the fast track to an IPO, which could mean a very fast payout for its backers.

For the full details, read the Bloomberg report.