The Way Forward: Tech and Developer Stories That Defined 2016 and Will Shape 2017
Our Roundup Of Landscape-Shifting Innovations

2016 was a banner year in tech and dev, and 2017 promises to be even more exciting.

At TechPORTFOLIO, we thrive on the stories and milestones that drive tech and dev progress and show us the path ahead. Here’s a roundup of the 2016 stories and 2017 predictions that matter most in this amazing industry.

From fake-news-fighting AI to a new era of cloud development, 2016 showed us the range of concurrent revolutions in tech:

Top 5 Tech Stories of 2016

These trends that gathered steam in 2016 tech will take off in 2017:

5 Reasons 2017 Will Be A Transformative Year For Tech

Combating IoT security woes in the big data environment played a major role in dev life in 2016:

5 Leading Developer Stories of 2016

In 2017, old dev skills become new again in the job market, and the blockchain changes the game:

How The Dev World Will Change In 2017: Top 5 Predictions

Take a look at our gallery of most-read TechPORTFOLIO features from last year, and follow our tech and dev insights the year ahead: