Fintech FOMO: Stories for Success on Blockchain and Smart Contracts
If you’re aiming for a career in blockchain, or building a fintech startup, here are the first things you need to prepare.

Blockchain is big business: According to CoinDesk, $1.1bn was invested in blockchain and Bitcoin in the first quarter of 2016.

Don’t get left behind.

Here’s a round-up of our coverage of blockchain, smart contracts, and the role of fintech in general.

Developers’ Job Guide: Smart Contracts and Blockchain

Why beginners are at an advantage — and why you should learn Go.

Why Fintech Entrepreneurs Should Make Friends With Regulations

Adam Nanjee, Head of Fintech at MaRS Discovery District, explains the key role of the regulatory environment at each stage of a fintech startup’s development — in animated GIF format.

Visa Testing Blockchain For International Payments

Trials are being planned between several international banks in a challenge to the existing Swift payment system.

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