Propelling Tech Industry Success For Women: The Right Funders and the Right Insights
Women Aren't Passively Waiting For Gender Imbalance to Be Corrected—They're Doing it Themselves

The discussion around funding women entrepreneurs is growing more active by the day. One thing is clear: driven women entrepreneurs aren’t willing to accept a funding system that favours male founders out of familiarity and prejudice.

As strategist Allison Collinger points out in her push to a Forbes piece, funding women makes bottom-line sense:  

Payal Kadakia’s contribution to this roundtable of women founders on funding? “Highlight your ability to solve problems and persevere no matter what challenges come up.”

Girls in Tech points to a telling stat in this Tech.Co gathering of tips for women founders on the funding market: “Nearly 80 percent of the women in the study used personal savings as their top funding source, even though 31 percent of them had angel investors and 14 percent had venture capital funding.”

Women are driving other women to thrive and succeed in the tech startup world. Whether that help comes in the form of funding or actionable advice, it brings us closer to achieving gender balance—and the increased flow of great ideas and products that comes with it—in the tech industry.